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The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: The Final

Posted in The X Factor on December 16, 2010 by kokairu

So that’s over for another year, thank God. What was the final like again? It feels like ages ago now. I remember it was drawn out and slightly boring… the only good bits being the eliminations (One Direction’s, in particular, was highly amusing). As much as I don’t get behind particular acts anymore, it was good to see someone like Rebecca get as far as she did. Almost like the voting public actually have taste.

Though this aspect’s been introduced 7 years too late, it was a very good move to have a different winner’s song lined up for each finalist. I actually like Matt’s, but then I’m not of the OriginalFansOfTheSongGoApeShit clan. And my acquiring of it didn’t contribute towards its chart position, of course.

The best thing about the final is the publication of the voting percentages shortly afterwards. Of course, the show is now being perceived by more and more people for what it really is. The hyperdrama was annoying at first, but even I’ve been left quite astonished at the transparent way that they’ve used the programme to showcase potential recording artists. Yes, the public haven’t got a great track record for voting for the contestant that will sell the most records, but week after week they urged people to vote in order to keep a given act safe, knowing full well that strings would be pulled left, right and centre to manipulate the overall outcome. Poor, poor Mary.

Let’s highlight some examples:

TreyC vs. Katie – So Cheryl pissed about with her vote, I don’t really care about that. Maybe she genuinely did want to send it to deadlock, but that was never going to happen, with Katie having less votes than TreyC. So the rules were twisted.

Paije vs Cher – Not a particularly controversial one, poor Mr Richardson was bound to leave sooner rather than later, but I do maintain that, aside from his “own” acts, Louis was supposed to maintain the role as Paije’s advocate. Couldn’t do with it going to deadlock, of course, with Cher having less votes.

Cher vs Mary – oh, this one’s been done to death, but definitely the most irritating of the lot.

New Year’s Resolution for 2011? No more X Factor. Just look at this entry. I’m actually bothered by the controversy for the sake of people that do vote. The X Factor’s worst enemy is indifference, and it’s time I put that into practice.


The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 9.2

Posted in The X Factor on December 8, 2010 by kokairu

Oh God let this series end. Seriously.

I was a little out last week. Apparently an all-judge represented final is so 2005. It will not surprise me if it turns out Cher had the least votes on Sunday, and you don’t need me to tell you why it was so bad for them to change it to a sing-off elimination at the last minute. Mary hasn’t been a serious contender since the first couple of live shows – they shat bricks when she began to turn on the waterworks on Saturday – a proven technique to get one through the semi-final, as Ray demonstrated in 2006 and Sarah from Same Difference did in 2007. They successfully dismissed it and yet persistently talked in a pessimistic tone, told her that she’d had a good run and that she should be proud. Sorry folks, voting for Mary isn’t an option because she doesn’t have a long enough shelf life.

So, we’re left with the kerching line-up: Matt, Rebecca, One Direction, and Cher. As unbothered as I am by the manipulations involved in this show (well, losing my £5 bet on Cher to go wasn’t ideal, to be honest, but it’ll serve me right for gambling), I have to say that they’ve really outdone themselves now. It wouldn’t surprise me if they announced, in the final next weekend, that the younger contestants would be awarded a bonus percentage of the vote to give them a fair advantage to compensate for their lack of life experience, or something. Whilst they’ve at least partially honoured the public vote in previous years, it just doesn’t seem to come into it this year. Whatever they want, they will get. It’s that simple. Any of these 4 could win it, especially given rumours that Cher will duet with Cheryl Cole in the final (wow, I want to be on the DS forums when THAT happens!). Rebecca supposedly topped the votes this week, Matt has consistently been the favourite, and there’s no doubt that all the stops will be pulled out for One Direction. There’s a chance, I think, that Matt will be stitched up. Of the remaining contestants, the gap in the market for an artist like him is the narrowest. This time next week, the voting figures for each week will be available… it’ll be interesting.

The X-ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 8.2

Posted in The X Factor on December 4, 2010 by kokairu

I had this entry ready on Tuesday but managed to get side tracked, what with the snow and shit.

Well, after stretching my imagination to try and conceive the next big shock, what happened last weekend could’ve been predicted by a tape worm.

To be honest, viewing The X Factor is making me more uncomfortable every year. As aware as I am that the whole programme is contrived, it does successfully manage to irritate me, such as when Simon blames the public for Wagner being there. That’s not to mention that it’s a cancer on people’s perception of music.

Anyway, though my know-it-all Sunday entries seem to have died a death, I might as well keep up the remaining know-it-all post-result entries.

First and foremost, with a semi final of 5 people coming up, I can plainly see that the producers are trying to manipulate a final in which one contestant from each judge is going to partake. They’ve set themselves up for this nicely – the question is, how will they go about ensuring that it’s one of Cheryl’s that goes this week? And which of the two will it be? In my opinion, they’d want it to be Rebecca, but they’d have an easier time getting rid of Cher. She’s had her rebound vote following her bottom two saga – all it’ll take is some “bad” song choices and the first slot in the programme. She’s had enough exposure on the programme to sell records anyway.

Normally, when it’s down to 5 contestants, the elimination comes purely comes down to the act with the least votes. But seeing as they’re making it up as they go along this year, an extra round of judges’ voting would probably go unnoticed. This extra element of control will help things along even more (Since writing this, it is heavily rumoured that there won’t be a judges’ vote tonight).

The rundown

Wagner – The ease with which they got rid of him over the weekend was actually quite remarkable. I’ve maintained that they evidently hadn’t wanted to lose him, because he always got a cushy slot, but as soon as his name was called out first on Saturday, their intentions became clear. Enough is enough, let’s ditch him now. Mission successful. I’m just glad he went when he did, or even more money would’ve been pissed away on those stupid campaigns.

Mary – Bottom three… rebound… fourth place (exactly where Nikki placed 3 years ago).

Matt – Now, I think, I can see him being the winner.

Rebecca – Slight chance of elimination this week, as I explained earlier. Failing that, third place.

Cher – Fifth place.

One Direction – If there’s a bottom two this weekend, I can see their being in it. This would work out pretty well – they would get a rebound vote at the most crucial point. Not that I’m an expert, but One Direction are the most marketable contestant remaining. Whilst I think Matt is more popular overall, there’s nothing they won’t do to try and get these guys to win it.

The X-ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 7.2

Posted in The X Factor on November 22, 2010 by kokairu

I’m not really sure why Paije went last night, rather than on any of the previous weeks. His performance slot was decent and he was given the belter he deserved to have. Perhaps it was because his fans presumed him to be safe, or the fact that he wasn’t quite the ‘ultimate’ contestant, appearing before Wagner and Katie. At any rate, he was sacrificed in favour of a more desirable contender.

Matt – not being painted so favourably at the moment, should be safe for now, but may fall on the last hurdle after all.

Cher – all evidence would suggest that she received the least votes last night. If performance has anything to do with it, hers wasn’t great, plus Louis voted in her favour when he was supposed to be playing the role of Paije’s loyal supporter. I also heard rumours of a double elimination suddenly being executed, depending on how the results were looking. If Cher wasn’t looking too hot, there’s no way they would take the risk. In the most contrived series to date, I’m guessing they’ll get her into the final somehow.

Paije – outsang Cher in the sing-off, but if that aspect isn’t highlighted then we won’t notice, of course.

Katie – She sang as well as she ever does if you ask me, but the slowed down tempo of a song clearly relating to her “plight” and a haircut that plays to the “broken woman” image (it almost made her look like she’d overcome some horrific disease or something) was enough to keep her clear of the bottom two. That, and she was given the final slot of the night (this hadn’t been done since week 3, so they could get away with it). I have to admit, it was very well constructed. The more instances the girl can appear as though she didn’t get the least number of votes, the more we can perceive that she “deserves” to be there. The effect may even last for longer than just this week.

Wagner – I think a lot of people have visions of Simon Cowell quaking in his little boots that Wagner will end up winning the programme. I’m not saying he isn’t a contender, and I’m certainly not saying the bosses will want him to win, but they definitely haven’t showed signs of trying to shake him off yet. Week after week he’s given a late slot and a popular song to massacre. I can’t really see them keeping him for much longer, though (if the coast is clear for a triple elimination that will see his exit next week, I think it will be employed). That, or maybe the campaign will succeed, who knows. It seems unlikely, but then, I said the same thing about the Rage Against the Machine campaign last year. For a number of reasons, though, I’d still advise against it. Firstly, if everything is poured into getting this guy to win it and he falls into second place by 1 measly vote, then it will be a wasted effort and all that would have been achieved is even more revenue for the programme. Secondly, these campaigns place far too much importance on Simon Cowell in their manifestos, painting his portrait as some sort of evil and cunning dictator – exactly the same concept that the programme itself portrays, thus endorsing its stupid illusions even further. I’m not going to claim that Simon Cowell has nothing to do with the show’s production, but there’s definitely many more producers involved in the manipulation and execution of the programme. In other words, voting for Wagner to win should be done as a testament against The X Factor/SyCo TV/Music as a whole, not to one charismatic idiot. That, or just spend that money on some beers down the local, ignoring the existence of the show altogether.

No comment on Rebecca or Mary. Not enough controversy from that corner. As for One Direction, I’m about as surprised that they’re still there as I am when I tread in dogshit as I walk down Hermitage Lane in Maidstone, and equally as pleased about it.

The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 6.2

Posted in The X Factor on November 18, 2010 by kokairu

I have no idea what this show is playing at… hence a lack of entry on Sunday. I’dve said Katie and Paije, based on the voting leak, but that shifted somewhat from what it was at 9 am yesterday anyway.

Mary – Was given a popular Elton John song, sang it well, not much else to say if I’m honest.

Paije – I have no idea how he’s managed to survive the bottom two each week. I like Paije an awful lot, he just seems like a nice chap and he has a very good voice. But first slot again? A stupid pink jacket? Where no other contestant had been handed ‘Your Song,’ you can’t blame the song choice on all the good ones being taken. With Paije, they have the tools to make him a winner, but they’re deliberately going in the opposite direction.

Wagner – Indifferent. I don’t hate the guy, because that’s what they want from me… and I don’t love him, because as far as gimmicks go, he’s second-worst only to The MacDonald Brothers of XF ’06. I sort of liked how “I’m Still Standing” morphed into the African chant of “Circle of Life,” though an alarming sign that they’re actually pulling out stops to keep this guy in. Far more so than Paije, a contestant who’s actually talented. There’s no sign that they want him out, yet – presumably because they know nature will take its course eventually. Please don’t “boycott” this show by voting for Wagner. It’s a ridiculously self-contradictory sentiment, and I’m sure you don’t need me to spell it out to you.

Rebecca – Good and all that.

Matt – as above.

Cher – I think she’ll make the semi-final at least, but I don’t think she’ll win. They’ve been successful in their plan with Cher – she’ll probably end up with a successful pop career, and the longer she stays in, the better her chances. Is Katie being implemented as a tool to make Cher seem less annoying?

One Direction – the only thing I can think to say is… follow katieweasel on Twitter. The first and last person whose updates are worth reading on that damn website.

Aiden – I was right in the first place. Then I was wrong. Pseudo-vampire image or no pseudo-vampire image, he was eventually completely disposable to them.

Katie – time will tell what the idea is here. The most plausible theory I’ve heard is that they want her on the XF tour next year (this consists of the 8th highest placed contestants, which she has now officially secured), but the girl is seriously unpopular… is her status as an act on this tour somehow going to catapult Miss Waissel (or Lola Fontaine, or whatever) into a successful, multiple-platinum artist? Is she gong to, quite simply, make more people want to go? I just can’t see it. However, all the same, 8th place in the competition may mark where they were planning to take her for whatever reason. I’m just stunned by their persistence.

Presently, we have 8 acts left after week 6, where we would normally have 6. If they’re going for a three person final, they need to get rid of 2 extra people at some stage in the coming weeks. Now that Katie is in the top 8, will we now, finally, have 2 weeks’ worth of double evictions? A triple eviction, perhaps, to narrow the contestants down to 5 at for next week (wherein judges have no say and it’s all down to the public vote)? This seems risky on their part, as they’ll lose an element of control over who ends up in the top 5. Maybe they’ll go for a 4/5 person final, even.

The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 5.2

Posted in Digital Spy Idiocy, The X Factor on November 8, 2010 by kokairu

why is the whole cheryl not voting think gaining so much talk and hate, wasn’t it a no brainier she wasn’t gonna vote? i would have been shocked if she did?? dannii would have done the same and so would louis. how could she choose they were both her acts and imo it would be quiet heartless and rude if she chose one over another??!

You call that a shock? It wouldn’t even qualify as static.

I love watching The X Factor from this viewpoint. It’s so satisfyingly cynical, I can join in the conversations about it, and if I remain impartial to the contestants, betting can be a lot of fun, too. Bye bye, Trey C… hello 20 quid.

I’m not that great at guessing, though – it helps to have some leaked hints regarding the voting.

The rundown

Paije – Maybe he’ll make the final 5, after all. He seems to have a (somewhat deserved) following. Also, I loved his performance on Saturday. So much for being impartial.

Matt – Whatever. I like him too.

Rebecca – Well… is it enough to say I wouldn’t cry myself to sleep at night if she was sent packing? The Digital Spy prospects are very tempting…

Mary – You sing flawlessly every week, woman… but… it’s just a bit… TOO flawless… d’you know what I mean?

Wagner – YES! Let’s all vote for Wagner! Let’s stick it to Simon Cowell by feeding more money into The X Factor! He’s a gimmick that was picked out of a hat for this series, he’s nothing special on either of the interpretations of the word. He’s just there to enforce the idiot persona of Louis Walsh, who goes back to his mansion at the end of the programme and doesn’t give a fuck about the publicity he’s getting… because he’s sleeping on a bed of your money.

Cher – I am really indifferent. Enough people are on about her chaviness and I have little else to add to that.

One Direction – dear God, they were drowned out by the backing track… do you think it was intentional?

Aiden – I can’t place this one, but I think he’s safe for a little while yet.

TreyC – kthanxbai

Katie – Where exactly were you on the afternoon of 11/09/01? And do you have an alibi to back you up?

The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 5.1

Posted in Digital Spy Idiocy, The X Factor on November 6, 2010 by kokairu

Stop picking on me,you dont like rebecca so your trying to bring properganda to the forum.

We’re finally down to a more manageable line-up, and it’s getting more and more tricky to pick out the ones that will come off less favourably. Even going on less memorable performances tonight (Mary, anyone?), who’s to say a given contestant’s fanbase won’t still vote based on previous weeks?

Well, as I’ve mentioned a few times, we could be in for a “shock” tomorrow. And by shock, I mean amusement at the sudden eruption of the DS forums. I also think that Wagner’s luck will run out this weekend, and he may well be in the Bottom Two-  along with Katie, TreyC or Mary. If Wagner is amongst the damned, I reckon his soul may be spared, depending on whom he will be up against.