About The Bricky Blog

Welcome to my second attempt at blogging… it’s lacking in a single theme, but there are (or should be) many recurring ones that relate to my intense (and rather sad) interests, including but not limited to:

– The Simpsons
– South Park
– The X Factor
– Pokémon
– General film
– UltraStar
– General animation

The Bricky Blog isn’t too sure of itself yet, so inspirations for further categories may follow. I just really enjoy writing and getting my viewpoint out there; the sort of things I write here could never be part of normal conversation (or I would literally have no friends). It’s just there, and no one’s forcing you to read it if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of it.

Also, as you may have seen from the links on the right-hand side, I have made (and continue to make) a handful of stop motion videos in a series known simply as “The Frogs.” These shorts feature plastic versions of the amphibians in question (an old collection dating back to my childhood), and I was inspired to create “The Frogs Re-enact Bonnie’s Death from Gone With The Wind” after reminiscing about how me and my sisters used to act out that particular scene with those particular 3 frogs (every now and then I realise just how sick that was/is). That, and I’d been trawling YouTube non-stop and seeing all kinds of weird and wonderful attempts at humour. Many of the ridiculous and “badly-done-in-a-deliberate way” videos had me in stitches (see my YouTube favourites).

This was back in August 2008, when I’d recently graduated from university and had nothing lined up; I decided to make the most of the free time! Of course, it turned out to be a lot of fun (albeit frustrating at times), so I made 2 more re-enactments (and an original script based on the Christmas #1 debate I was following at the time) before finally landing a job at Christmas, to start in February 2009. I now don’t have the time to make the videos that I’d like to have; free time is suddenly like gold dust, when it was almost a burden before – the last one I made took a good couple of months to complete. However, The Frogs live on, and I’d like to think I’ll carry on with these videos into the foreseeable future (even if it is only 1 or 2 a year).

I’m aware that these videos have their flaws and most certainly aren’t to everyone’s (most people’s) taste, but it really does give me a buzz when someone comments that the video really made them laugh – it actually makes my day.

The Frogs, then, may not wind up having too many entries in this blog, but it will be nice to have a place to document their progress, and are nevertheless a significant part of it (hence the title art!).

Feel free to comment on my entries as much as you like, even if you strongly disagree with what I’m saying. Above all else, I hope you enjoy kokairu 2.0.


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