UltraStar Update: Vocaluxe (Beta)

“Vocaluxe,” an entirely new take on open source karaoke software, has now been released in beta status. I’ve just been excitedly playing around with it, and though it is not very stable yet (it crashed a couple of times on me), it’s a glimpse into the future for all fans of UltraStar.

Song files for UltraStar will still work for Vocaluxe, so you can see for yourself how it compares:


I particularly like how you can set up profiles (including pictures) for all potential players. I never really bothered entering player names before, but I can see it being a lot easier to switch between names when new people step up to take the ultimate singing challenge. This means that the high scores will now mean something!

Vocaluxe also supports duet mode, which is definitely one of the better later additions to UltraStar. I’m glad it lives on!

On the downside, there’s no Party mode yet (and I do love my Party mode!). However, there’s nothing to say that this won’t be added at a later point.

I’m also a bit dubious about some of the graphics – there doesn’t seem to be a way to change how the text lights up during game play for one. I liked the way it used to lift up or enlarge in UltraStar Deluxe – it made it a lot easier for those with eyesight problems to see it properly. At the moment, it just changes colour.

Moreover, the song selection screen isn’t quite as snazzy as it was in UltraStar. But the last two points are nit picky – they don’t exactly affect the gameplay itself much. Plus, I’m aware that a few people are working extremely hard on this – asking for no money in return – so it’s not at all within my right to moan about it. I am eagerly awaiting the first proper release!



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