UltraStar: An Alternative Guide

I uncovered this website the other day via USDB and thought that some readers may find it a useful alternative to my guide – Chriso has written an entire PDF, and has covered things I haven’t managed to get around to yet. It also seems to be phrased very nicely:



2 Responses to “UltraStar: An Alternative Guide”

  1. Hey Kokairu,

    much obliged for linking to my guide, I will be referencing your site in the next version update if that is OK?

    Just to say that I did indeed read your guide before starting on my own and everything you say is very true – Ultrastar is a great hobby and it is really about how much you put in, like when you see someone really enjoy singing a song you’ve worked so hard to correct.

    One thing though, I can assure you that the PS3 Singstar is a load of manufactured tosh with no unique improvements over the PS2. I turned to Ultrastar the day my PS3 stopped reading discs (and I’d blown £100 on Singstore songs) and I’ve never looked back. I now sing songs I want to sing and enjoy making a strong collection.

    Keep up the excellent work with the Bricky Blog, it’s a great site.


    • Many thanks Chriso – you are more than welcome to reference my this site though I don’t want you to feel obligated to do so!

      I have to confess that I only know the PS3 SingStar in principle, having never actually played it myself – I may have to downplay it more in my earlier entries then!!

      Regarding your last comment, likewise with your site!

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