The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: The Final

So that’s over for another year, thank God. What was the final like again? It feels like ages ago now. I remember it was drawn out and slightly boring… the only good bits being the eliminations (One Direction’s, in particular, was highly amusing). As much as I don’t get behind particular acts anymore, it was good to see someone like Rebecca get as far as she did. Almost like the voting public actually have taste.

Though this aspect’s been introduced 7 years too late, it was a very good move to have a different winner’s song lined up for each finalist. I actually like Matt’s, but then I’m not of the OriginalFansOfTheSongGoApeShit clan. And my acquiring of it didn’t contribute towards its chart position, of course.

The best thing about the final is the publication of the voting percentages shortly afterwards. Of course, the show is now being perceived by more and more people for what it really is. The hyperdrama was annoying at first, but even I’ve been left quite astonished at the transparent way that they’ve used the programme to showcase potential recording artists. Yes, the public haven’t got a great track record for voting for the contestant that will sell the most records, but week after week they urged people to vote in order to keep a given act safe, knowing full well that strings would be pulled left, right and centre to manipulate the overall outcome. Poor, poor Mary.

Let’s highlight some examples:

TreyC vs. Katie – So Cheryl pissed about with her vote, I don’t really care about that. Maybe she genuinely did want to send it to deadlock, but that was never going to happen, with Katie having less votes than TreyC. So the rules were twisted.

Paije vs Cher – Not a particularly controversial one, poor Mr Richardson was bound to leave sooner rather than later, but I do maintain that, aside from his “own” acts, Louis was supposed to maintain the role as Paije’s advocate. Couldn’t do with it going to deadlock, of course, with Cher having less votes.

Cher vs Mary – oh, this one’s been done to death, but definitely the most irritating of the lot.

New Year’s Resolution for 2011? No more X Factor. Just look at this entry. I’m actually bothered by the controversy for the sake of people that do vote. The X Factor’s worst enemy is indifference, and it’s time I put that into practice.


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