The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 9.2

Oh God let this series end. Seriously.

I was a little out last week. Apparently an all-judge represented final is so 2005. It will not surprise me if it turns out Cher had the least votes on Sunday, and you don’t need me to tell you why it was so bad for them to change it to a sing-off elimination at the last minute. Mary hasn’t been a serious contender since the first couple of live shows – they shat bricks when she began to turn on the waterworks on Saturday – a proven technique to get one through the semi-final, as Ray demonstrated in 2006 and Sarah from Same Difference did in 2007. They successfully dismissed it and yet persistently talked in a pessimistic tone, told her that she’d had a good run and that she should be proud. Sorry folks, voting for Mary isn’t an option because she doesn’t have a long enough shelf life.

So, we’re left with the kerching line-up: Matt, Rebecca, One Direction, and Cher. As unbothered as I am by the manipulations involved in this show (well, losing my £5 bet on Cher to go wasn’t ideal, to be honest, but it’ll serve me right for gambling), I have to say that they’ve really outdone themselves now. It wouldn’t surprise me if they announced, in the final next weekend, that the younger contestants would be awarded a bonus percentage of the vote to give them a fair advantage to compensate for their lack of life experience, or something. Whilst they’ve at least partially honoured the public vote in previous years, it just doesn’t seem to come into it this year. Whatever they want, they will get. It’s that simple. Any of these 4 could win it, especially given rumours that Cher will duet with Cheryl Cole in the final (wow, I want to be on the DS forums when THAT happens!). Rebecca supposedly topped the votes this week, Matt has consistently been the favourite, and there’s no doubt that all the stops will be pulled out for One Direction. There’s a chance, I think, that Matt will be stitched up. Of the remaining contestants, the gap in the market for an artist like him is the narrowest. This time next week, the voting figures for each week will be available… it’ll be interesting.


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