The X-ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 8.2

I had this entry ready on Tuesday but managed to get side tracked, what with the snow and shit.

Well, after stretching my imagination to try and conceive the next big shock, what happened last weekend could’ve been predicted by a tape worm.

To be honest, viewing The X Factor is making me more uncomfortable every year. As aware as I am that the whole programme is contrived, it does successfully manage to irritate me, such as when Simon blames the public for Wagner being there. That’s not to mention that it’s a cancer on people’s perception of music.

Anyway, though my know-it-all Sunday entries seem to have died a death, I might as well keep up the remaining know-it-all post-result entries.

First and foremost, with a semi final of 5 people coming up, I can plainly see that the producers are trying to manipulate a final in which one contestant from each judge is going to partake. They’ve set themselves up for this nicely – the question is, how will they go about ensuring that it’s one of Cheryl’s that goes this week? And which of the two will it be? In my opinion, they’d want it to be Rebecca, but they’d have an easier time getting rid of Cher. She’s had her rebound vote following her bottom two saga – all it’ll take is some “bad” song choices and the first slot in the programme. She’s had enough exposure on the programme to sell records anyway.

Normally, when it’s down to 5 contestants, the elimination comes purely comes down to the act with the least votes. But seeing as they’re making it up as they go along this year, an extra round of judges’ voting would probably go unnoticed. This extra element of control will help things along even more (Since writing this, it is heavily rumoured that there won’t be a judges’ vote tonight).

The rundown

Wagner – The ease with which they got rid of him over the weekend was actually quite remarkable. I’ve maintained that they evidently hadn’t wanted to lose him, because he always got a cushy slot, but as soon as his name was called out first on Saturday, their intentions became clear. Enough is enough, let’s ditch him now. Mission successful. I’m just glad he went when he did, or even more money would’ve been pissed away on those stupid campaigns.

Mary – Bottom three… rebound… fourth place (exactly where Nikki placed 3 years ago).

Matt – Now, I think, I can see him being the winner.

Rebecca – Slight chance of elimination this week, as I explained earlier. Failing that, third place.

Cher – Fifth place.

One Direction – If there’s a bottom two this weekend, I can see their being in it. This would work out pretty well – they would get a rebound vote at the most crucial point. Not that I’m an expert, but One Direction are the most marketable contestant remaining. Whilst I think Matt is more popular overall, there’s nothing they won’t do to try and get these guys to win it.


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