The X-ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 7.2

I’m not really sure why Paije went last night, rather than on any of the previous weeks. His performance slot was decent and he was given the belter he deserved to have. Perhaps it was because his fans presumed him to be safe, or the fact that he wasn’t quite the ‘ultimate’ contestant, appearing before Wagner and Katie. At any rate, he was sacrificed in favour of a more desirable contender.

Matt – not being painted so favourably at the moment, should be safe for now, but may fall on the last hurdle after all.

Cher – all evidence would suggest that she received the least votes last night. If performance has anything to do with it, hers wasn’t great, plus Louis voted in her favour when he was supposed to be playing the role of Paije’s loyal supporter. I also heard rumours of a double elimination suddenly being executed, depending on how the results were looking. If Cher wasn’t looking too hot, there’s no way they would take the risk. In the most contrived series to date, I’m guessing they’ll get her into the final somehow.

Paije – outsang Cher in the sing-off, but if that aspect isn’t highlighted then we won’t notice, of course.

Katie – She sang as well as she ever does if you ask me, but the slowed down tempo of a song clearly relating to her “plight” and a haircut that plays to the “broken woman” image (it almost made her look like she’d overcome some horrific disease or something) was enough to keep her clear of the bottom two. That, and she was given the final slot of the night (this hadn’t been done since week 3, so they could get away with it). I have to admit, it was very well constructed. The more instances the girl can appear as though she didn’t get the least number of votes, the more we can perceive that she “deserves” to be there. The effect may even last for longer than just this week.

Wagner – I think a lot of people have visions of Simon Cowell quaking in his little boots that Wagner will end up winning the programme. I’m not saying he isn’t a contender, and I’m certainly not saying the bosses will want him to win, but they definitely haven’t showed signs of trying to shake him off yet. Week after week he’s given a late slot and a popular song to massacre. I can’t really see them keeping him for much longer, though (if the coast is clear for a triple elimination that will see his exit next week, I think it will be employed). That, or maybe the campaign will succeed, who knows. It seems unlikely, but then, I said the same thing about the Rage Against the Machine campaign last year. For a number of reasons, though, I’d still advise against it. Firstly, if everything is poured into getting this guy to win it and he falls into second place by 1 measly vote, then it will be a wasted effort and all that would have been achieved is even more revenue for the programme. Secondly, these campaigns place far too much importance on Simon Cowell in their manifestos, painting his portrait as some sort of evil and cunning dictator – exactly the same concept that the programme itself portrays, thus endorsing its stupid illusions even further. I’m not going to claim that Simon Cowell has nothing to do with the show’s production, but there’s definitely many more producers involved in the manipulation and execution of the programme. In other words, voting for Wagner to win should be done as a testament against The X Factor/SyCo TV/Music as a whole, not to one charismatic idiot. That, or just spend that money on some beers down the local, ignoring the existence of the show altogether.

No comment on Rebecca or Mary. Not enough controversy from that corner. As for One Direction, I’m about as surprised that they’re still there as I am when I tread in dogshit as I walk down Hermitage Lane in Maidstone, and equally as pleased about it.


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