The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 6.2

I have no idea what this show is playing at… hence a lack of entry on Sunday. I’dve said Katie and Paije, based on the voting leak, but that shifted somewhat from what it was at 9 am yesterday anyway.

Mary – Was given a popular Elton John song, sang it well, not much else to say if I’m honest.

Paije – I have no idea how he’s managed to survive the bottom two each week. I like Paije an awful lot, he just seems like a nice chap and he has a very good voice. But first slot again? A stupid pink jacket? Where no other contestant had been handed ‘Your Song,’ you can’t blame the song choice on all the good ones being taken. With Paije, they have the tools to make him a winner, but they’re deliberately going in the opposite direction.

Wagner – Indifferent. I don’t hate the guy, because that’s what they want from me… and I don’t love him, because as far as gimmicks go, he’s second-worst only to The MacDonald Brothers of XF ’06. I sort of liked how “I’m Still Standing” morphed into the African chant of “Circle of Life,” though an alarming sign that they’re actually pulling out stops to keep this guy in. Far more so than Paije, a contestant who’s actually talented. There’s no sign that they want him out, yet – presumably because they know nature will take its course eventually. Please don’t “boycott” this show by voting for Wagner. It’s a ridiculously self-contradictory sentiment, and I’m sure you don’t need me to spell it out to you.

Rebecca – Good and all that.

Matt – as above.

Cher – I think she’ll make the semi-final at least, but I don’t think she’ll win. They’ve been successful in their plan with Cher – she’ll probably end up with a successful pop career, and the longer she stays in, the better her chances. Is Katie being implemented as a tool to make Cher seem less annoying?

One Direction – the only thing I can think to say is… follow katieweasel on Twitter. The first and last person whose updates are worth reading on that damn website.

Aiden – I was right in the first place. Then I was wrong. Pseudo-vampire image or no pseudo-vampire image, he was eventually completely disposable to them.

Katie – time will tell what the idea is here. The most plausible theory I’ve heard is that they want her on the XF tour next year (this consists of the 8th highest placed contestants, which she has now officially secured), but the girl is seriously unpopular… is her status as an act on this tour somehow going to catapult Miss Waissel (or Lola Fontaine, or whatever) into a successful, multiple-platinum artist? Is she gong to, quite simply, make more people want to go? I just can’t see it. However, all the same, 8th place in the competition may mark where they were planning to take her for whatever reason. I’m just stunned by their persistence.

Presently, we have 8 acts left after week 6, where we would normally have 6. If they’re going for a three person final, they need to get rid of 2 extra people at some stage in the coming weeks. Now that Katie is in the top 8, will we now, finally, have 2 weeks’ worth of double evictions? A triple eviction, perhaps, to narrow the contestants down to 5 at for next week (wherein judges have no say and it’s all down to the public vote)? This seems risky on their part, as they’ll lose an element of control over who ends up in the top 5. Maybe they’ll go for a 4/5 person final, even.


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