The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 5.1

Stop picking on me,you dont like rebecca so your trying to bring properganda to the forum.

We’re finally down to a more manageable line-up, and it’s getting more and more tricky to pick out the ones that will come off less favourably. Even going on less memorable performances tonight (Mary, anyone?), who’s to say a given contestant’s fanbase won’t still vote based on previous weeks?

Well, as I’ve mentioned a few times, we could be in for a “shock” tomorrow. And by shock, I mean amusement at the sudden eruption of the DS forums. I also think that Wagner’s luck will run out this weekend, and he may well be in the Bottom Two-  along with Katie, TreyC or Mary. If Wagner is amongst the damned, I reckon his soul may be spared, depending on whom he will be up against.


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