The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 4.2

Completely unsurprising result last night, so I can’t say I’ve got a huge amount to write today.

There’s no real certainty on exactly who’s going to go when in the coming weeks. There are, however, two categories: a) definite gonners, who way as well have ticking timeclocks levitating above their heads, and b) potential winners, whose early evictions are unlikely and would probably result in ridiculous Ofcom complaints.

a) Definite gonners:

Wagner (all gimmicks die sooner or later, and Wagner will be pushing it if he hopes to stay in much longer)
Cher (they are trying as hard as they can to push her into category (b), but they’re clutching at straws and will struggle to up her game after this weekend)

b) Potential winners:

One Direction

That’s not to say that everyone from category (a) will drop off, one by one, in the coming weeks without a glimpse of someone from category (b) in trouble. Next weekend is week 5, a week notorious in previous years for its “shock” evictions (Maria Lawson, Laura White, Lucie Jones). The only one from category (a) that would qualify as a “shock,” I think, would be Mary (Cher would be a mild static shock). That is, unless Wagner is saved from elimination above anyone else. It could happen quite easily. I reckon TreyC, Paije, Katie, and Aiden could be dropped in favour of The X Factor’s very own John Sergeant. But it’s slightly risky, after Jedward were kept in last year over someone who was actually talented. People do easily forget such things and continue to watch regardless, undoubtedly attributing the decision to the fake drama between the judges (“SIMON JUST DID IT BECAUSE HE WANTS TO ELIMINATE THE THREATS!”). However, if the show wants a last stab at pretending it’s a talent competition, Wagner would have to go under such circumstances.

Saying that, a Katie/Wagner sing-off could be the greatest circumstance the producers could ever conceive. Katie might be voted off, on the basis that the viewers “just don’t seem to be warming to her,” and Wagner could keep up the entertainment factor for another couple of weeks. The reason seems genuine, a hate figure leaves the show, and the possibilities for the media would be endless.


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