The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 4.1

I watched last night’s episode after a very long day, so I willed for it to end and couldn’t really give the ‘analysis’ my all. However, it certainly didn’t escape my attention that Belle Amie were dealt a really bad hand tonight. Venus? A song I can’t hear and not think of Gilette adverts? A song that the ever-memorable Girlband sang in the first week in the first slot of XF ’08 and subsequently landed in the bottom two, followed by their exit the next week? I’ll be very surprised if they escape the bottom two tonight.

Other potentials include Paije (yes I’m going to drop his name again, no I don’t actually want him to go) and Aiden. If they want Aiden to stay, they should give him something other than the pseudo vampire image. Where the Frith did that come from, anyway?

I’d namedrop some others that wouldn’t really surprise me, but that would defeat the point of predictions.


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