The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 3.1

hes so ****ing rude to dannii, never talks 2 her, never ackowledges her unless its to be rude and i dont t hink dannii will be there next year.

Options for the bottom 2 seem quite clear at the moment: it’ll be between Belle Amie, John and Paije. I’m going with the latter as a near definite – if not on tonight’s show, then sometime in the near future (if he’s lucky). I initially said of Paije, when he was picked as one of the wildcards, that “it’s all up to the producers whether they want to give him a real ‘belter’ just as his popularity starts to drop.” Therefore, though they have the resources to work with when it comes to Mr Richardson, they’ve chosen to neglect them, giving him the first slot of the night and a song choice that doesn’t reflect his strong vocal abilities that much. That’s not to mention that he lost his grandma this week and it was only briefly mentioned that it had been a difficult period for him. It’s not right to use situations like that to better the contestants’ progress, but it’s not as though the show’s shied away from doing it before, and if it had been given at least some coverage on the programme it would make Paije safe as a house.

As for John, I say week on week that he’s not long for this show (and the bosses seem to be trying to shake him off like a bad case of ‘pins and needles’), but he continues to survive anyway. In a similar manner to Paije, he’s one of the most talented people there, but the producers just aren’t keen to maximise his potential.

Belle Amie are somewhat of a question mark. They’ve got a shot at a rebound vote from last week, but their song choice was boring and their performance of it below average. The judges also didn’t offer any cues in their post-performance speeches that would make the audience want to vote for them, either. Saying that, their ‘kicked puppy’ look might have some impact.

The only other possible contender, I think, is TreyC. Not because she was bad last night, but because she wasn’t given any stand-out cues to vote for her. She’s quietly liked, possibly being outshone by Rebecca.

The remaining 9 contestants all have reasons to remain safe this week, most unfortunately that includes Katie. My keyboard could be spared if she goes tonight, because I have a number of problems with her song choice that only geek rage can express.

Lastly: guilty pleasures? Really?


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