The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 2.2

I have to admit, I’d heard rumours about the voting order when I updated yesterday. I’d originally outlined John and Storm to go, with Belle Amie to be saved on the judges’ vote. 2/3 isn’t bad, but the voting patterns never cease to amaze me. Admittedly, asking why Diva Fever went seems like a daft question, but the audience has always loved stupid acts like that in the past, and their performance on Saturday was fun, I suppose. I assume that Wagner will stay, now, being the main gimmick left, but who knows? Maybe people are basing their votes on talent after all.

The usual rundown…

The Over 28s

Mary – My stance hasn’t changed here, she’ll be in it till the end (or close enough). For two weeks in a row she’s had a ‘late’ slot, she’s a powerful singer, and they’re just generally painting her very favourably.

John – he seems to have a fanbase now, so even if he is still a disposable, maybe he won’t go as soon as I’d thought.

Wagner – see above. If people buy into the judges’ ‘reactions’ to his wild antics, we’ll see him on our screens for a good few weeks yet, I reckon.

Storm – well, as I said, he was cursed from the word go. Simon just didn’t give him a hard enough time, now that Wagner’s on the scene, and they saw fit to give him the first slot of the programme. Poor bloke. On a side note, his song, “Born to Run,” was included on Peter Kay’s 2008 TV talent show parody, “… Britain’s Got the Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice.” It featured Peter Kay as Geraldine McQueen on a motorbike. Seriously. Check out the first 60 seconds of the link. A parody of The X Factor shown 2 years ago is even more accurate of The X Factor today than it was initially, if that’s even possible.

The Girls

TreyC – I maintain that there’s no room for both her and Rebecca in this contest, and I heard that she may have narrowly escaped the bottom 3 last night. She’s the equivalent of a foreign pretentious film… critically acclaimed all round, but no box office smash. Ruth Lorenzo (XF ’08) also had this problem.

Rebecca – she’s sweet, she’s Liverpudlian… but it’s either her or TreyC that’s up for the shock week 5 eviction, methinks.

Cher – she has a fanbase and draws in headlines. I don’t think the X Factor Bosses, nor the voting public, will let her go just yet.

Katie – this one’s interesting. I was right in predicting that she would get a rebound vote last night and safely avoid the bottom 3… but how much longer has she really got? She may be in trouble next weekend, if the rebound vote fades. Her main problem, I think, is that no female can relate to her. She’s too ambitious – quite likely, a fine quality to have in the recording industry – but not on this programme. We want to see complete nobodies, like ourselves, become somebodies. If we can relate to them, we can almost feel like the journey is happening to us. Personally, I can relate to Waissel as much as I can relate to a door stop.

The Boys

Aiden and Matt – both have significant followings and I wouldn’t put money on them going out before the final.

Paije – I think he’ll go before the final 5, for reasons I outlined in my last entry.

The Groups

Belle Amie – My theory is that girls simply don’t like other girls – that is, unless they find them easy to relate to (see Katie). As a group, we can’t identify with all of them as a single entity, and the in-group bitchiness was really highlighted on Saturday. They have a great look and they’re pretty talented, but it doesn’t serve to counteract the former. There’s a small chance that they’ll get a rebound vote next week; if so, they’ll probably be out in week 4.

One Direction – Nothing’s changed there.

Diva Fever – apparently regular Butlins attendees don’t count for a significant portion of the voters.

I enjoyed Saturday night’s show moreso than I did the first one. Might be to do with the fact that I watched it over at a friend’s house (with about 2 hours’ delay on Sky+, in order to efficiently fast forward the adverts).


One Response to “The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 2.2”

  1. notreallycoolenoughtohaveanoppinion Says:

    At first i thought Belle Amie might be the first female group in X Factor history to be popular with girls. My reasons for this: they wern’t ‘slutty’ and they were straight out of a topshop catalogue. I thought girls would like this – girls can be very simple. #’][/;;; (<—spiders contribution) But they argue, and they don't appear to have good relationships with the other contestants. I migth be the only one, but i love to see the contestants being nice to each other. Example: John helping Mary down the steps during the collaborative performance.

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