The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 2.1

Just a quick update before the live evictions tonight (oh dear, that sounds so Big Brothery).

I believe that Storm is likely to go straight out. The first slot seems to be more of a curse than ever with more acts in the line up… you don’t stand a chance of remembering what their performance was like after 2 1/2 hours of your life are pissed away.

As for the others, I’m still convinced that John’s not long for this show, but last week I was wrong… so maybe people are actually seeing the talent and voting based on that.

Other potential evictions include Paije and Belle Amie. The former was really good, but so were others (TreyC, Matt, Rebecca, Mary, Katie, John)… so I’m not sure how well his performance stood out. The frictions in Belle Amie were really brought to light (surely this will subside the motivations of the large proportion of female voters?), so I think they may be a disposable now. I will again iterate that girl bands do not tend to do well on this programme.

Naturally, the nation is screaming out for Diva Fever and Wagner to go. I have to admit that there’s potential for one of these two to be in danger (I can’t remember a year with more than one gimmicky act before – is there room for two?), but I can’t see them both going. If one of them goes, the other may gain the fanbase, which may ensure their safety for a good number of weeks.

If I’m wrong again I’m going to stop pretending I know it all… maybe.


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