The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 1.2

Very interesting results. Not a total surprise, though – as John and Belle Amie made it into the top 13, Katie and Nicolo were two alternatives that sprang to mind. The latter really was given a raw deal on Saturday night – if they’d wanted to keep him in, they weren’t trying very hard. It’s a shame – his response to being asked how he felt was quite amusing – I’dve liked to see him in the line-up for a few more weeks. As for Katie, people apparently didn’t swallow the judges’ compliments as readily as the producers would’ve liked. No biggie there, the girl’s a moron. Not really surprising, however, that the judges saved her over FYD – all press is good press, isn’t it?

My opinion of the remaining acts and the way things are going to go:

Aiden: been marked as the Chosen One

Matt: neither can live while the other survives (but I think he’ll be there until the end)

Paije: As I stated in my last entry, the audience certainly have some incentive to stay loyal to this long-suffering ping pong ball… he’s safe for a few weeks, I think. It’s all up to the producers whether they want to give him a real “belter” just as his popularity starts to drop

Cher: I heard rumours of booing, though I didn’t detect any myself. I see her as being a bit of a Diana Vickers, except the latter had earned a decent fan base before the haters really began to emerge following laryngitis-gate. I’m not sure where to place this one. They certainly want to keep her there, and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing some performances from her for the next few weeks – I sort of like her.

Rebecca: Unfortunately, I think some of her popularity may have migrated to TrayC. For the past 2 years, there’s been a “shock” elimination on week 5 of the live shows (Laura White, Lucie Jones), not to mention Maria Lawson from X Factor ’05. She seems to carry this sort of role quite fittingly. Plus, I’m rather fond of patterns.

Katie: Unpopular and possesses a very average level of talent. Maybe we’ll be forced to sympathise with her next week and she’ll be safe, but she won’t last much longer than that – the show winner has never been in the bottom two before, let alone in the first week. Well, Spain became the first ever team this year to lose their first match and still win the World Cup… the key difference being that their success wasn’t dependent on the fickle and stupid British public.

TrayC (eugh): As I said in my last entry, she’s been very much designed to draw in as many votes as possible. However, while the wildcard factor offered some degree of invincibility in week 1, I’m not sure how much longer that will be in effect for (she’s another contender for the week 5 elimination – possibly up against Rebecca in the bottom two?). This is another one that I hope will go soon (more so than Katie, at least her downfall is inevitable). She’s decent enough, but is far too in love with the smell of her own farts. That said, they are being executed through a rather lovely bottom.

One Direction: They were crap singing-wise, but somewhat passable – they pull it off with some “alternative” attitude that’s rather popular with the youngsters right now, so I believe. And they’re handsome in an innocent sort of way – to be loved by kiddies and grannies alike. I maintain that these chaps will make it to the final 5, at least.

Belle Amie: Not sure how they managed to avoid being in danger last night, but based on previous years I just can’t see them staying where they are for long.

Diva Fever: I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to tolerate the cries of “WHY ARE THEY STILL IN” for the foreseeable future. Alas, I ought to be prepared – duets, both good and bad, tend to be reasonably successful: Journey South (XF ’05), The MacDonald Brothers (XF ’06), Same Difference (XF ’07) and Jedward (XF ’09) all made to at least the final 6.

Mary: I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the most votes last night. A final 5 contender, but not a winner.

Storm: With Wagner set as the official “divider of the judges,” I’m not sure how much purpose he has. Give him a few more rounds of special selections from “Middle-aged Pub Singer Hits Vol. 1” and not even his “eccentric” style can save him. A real shame, because the guy is talented.

John: I’m glad he’s still in – perhaps the judges’ comments on Saturday had something to do with it? – but I uphold the belief that he won’t be around for long.

Wagner: I predict that the novelty will wear off with him before it does with Diva Fever, but just when that will be, I’m not sure. If Simon keeps up the apparent “attitude” then I can see people picking up the phone to vote for him over the coming weeks.

Kokairu is listed as being in a complicated relationship with The X Factor


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