The X-Ploitation Factor 2010: Live Shows Episode 1.1

DS user:
i dnt know why everyone disliked it soooo much, i thought he was incredible and showed how versatile he was, his performance was like a concert was different!! and will stick in people’s minds till nxt week!!

This is the best I could find from last night – the forum is usually better following the results.

As I’ve seen someone else say, last night’s XF felt very much like the EuroVision song contest. It certainly seemed to be trying to deliver as much “variety” as possible.

Has my outlook changed on the contestants? In some cases, yes. First and foremost, we have the wildcards. Not just one, but four:

Paije: I’m glad he’s in. Good voice, and after all the ‘yo-yoing’ of yes/no verdicts, as Simon so nicely put it, there’s a lot of incentive for people to pick up the phone for him. Good performance last night, but I wasn’t sure on his wardrobe.

TreyC: Difficult to take seriouslY. Her being a wildcard seems to be good publicity; I don’t think anyone would care about her otherwise. The producers seem to be keen on her doing well, or she wouldn’t be given the coveted final slot last night.

Wagner: John Sergeant effect. He’s not going anywhere for the time being, I don’t think.

Diva Fever: More gimmicks to try and get people talking. I don’t think they’ll take off like Jedward though.

I’m more convinced than ever that poor old John is a disposable. And as promised, I’ve shaped my opinion of FYD based on their first live performance; The Powers That Be could not make it any more obvious that this group is disposable. First slot? So little attention? They’ll be going tonight.

Since tonight is a double elimination, that usually means that one person is “straight out based solely on the public vote” and then a bottom two is conceived from those that receive the second- and third-least votes respectively, for the judges someone to decide whom to “save.” I think Belle Amie will seize the final slot in the bottom three and receive the lifeline. FYD will receive the fewest votes, and John will be sent home following the show’s decision. I don’t think any of the wildcards are in trouble. Those are my predictions, anyway. I could be wrong. I don’t really care if I am, since I don’t yet have a favourite this year.

I’ve changed a couple of my observations since my last entry (the live shows are usually somewhat of an eye opener regarding exactly what purpose each contestant serves):

Aiden was handed many tools to his advantage last night (suitable song, stage, and performance slot). The guy delivered pretty well, and he’s now the bookies’ favourite to win. I definitely got the ‘disposable’ part wrong.

Nicolo has been turned into more of a village idiot than a pantomime villain. He seems to have a lot of following on DigitalSpy, but I think he’ll go sooner rather than later.

That’s that, anyway. I don’t think I’ll be able to do this every Sunday pre-results, but it’s worth a try well intended attempt.


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