Maddox-style is so 2003

I’m starting a new blog after the death of my last one. This may (will) sound overly pretentious, but I was trying too hard to project a persona that wasn’t really me.

I do love a good rant, yes, but I also have some nice things to say about a number of things. It would feel a little wrong talking about how much I loved Toy Story 3 under the negativity of the title. Furthermore, I like to document my progress on my little series of stop motion videos; again, this just didn’t fit. The site was themed on exposing the bullshit in others, most likely reflecting my state of mind at the time. Blogs dealing with a single subject matter can be a wonderful thing (Dead Homer Society is my current favourite), but you have to be intensely knowledgeable about that subject matter. If you dip into various things as much as you like, you can hide your shallow understandings quite easily. You can bullshit.

I was a little preoccupied in trying to upkeep as much anonymity as possible in STOFYA. I didn’t want aspects of my personal life to cloud my arguments. Whilst I despise resorting to anecdotal evidence on such occasions, in most cases, a little personal touch is not a bad thing.

That’s not to say it will be anything like my LiveJournal of course.


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